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"I can't go a day without daydreaming about making something – absolutely anything!"

Sankab Jasim is a self-taught artist who’s originally from Calicut but now calls Abu Dhabi home. Her creative spirit draws inspiration from the world around her, whether it’s the beauty of nature, the enchanting desert landscapes, or the captivating city lights.

Sankab Jasim

Peach Blush ShopFounder, Owner

" From A Career In Interior Designing To The World Of Art & Craft "

In a previous chapter of her life, Sankab worked as an interior designer. But now, she’s the brain behind the Peach Blush Shop, a haven for anyone who’s into art and craft. You’ll find a treasure trove of art and craft supplies there, and she’s got you covered with workshops, online craft courses, and all sorts of creative business services from print and packaging to multiple forms of designing and custom cutting services.

Sankab’s heart belongs to the world of art and craft. She’s constantly trying out new skills and pushing her creative boundaries. Her art is all about playing with textures and depths, especially in contemporary fiber art and mixed media.

Sankab’s journey as an artist started since she was in her school. Took a long break to built her career and family and finally got back to it in 2017, and by 2018, her creations were finding their way into the internet. After 4 years into the field of art and craft, In 2023, she took her creative game to a new level with her business website, pouring her heart and soul into her business and now aiming at reviving her handmade creations and skills.

Sankab Jasim works her artistic magic in her home studio while also enjoying the highs and lows of family life with her husband and their super-talented 5-year-old daughter, who’s picking up the art bug from her creative mom.

IMG 4241

" These are the crafts I've given a shot so far . . . "

Dream Catchers

Whenever i make a dreamcatcher, I give it my personal touch by combining my crochet or macrame skills with the basic techniques involved in dreamcatchers.


An artform which came back in trend recently and the one which stole my heart. I love the whole making process to the end result of this beautiful craft.

IMG 8928 rotated

This one is officially the first real craft I learned during my high school years, and still the most dearest.

IMG 7493 scaled

Another Favorite Craftform from my school days, which i rarely try out these days. But when i do.. Im totally into it

IMG 0345 scaled
Oshibana AKA Drying Flowers

Before i start the drying procedure for every flowers that gets into my hand, i simply admire its beauty for a while. And i never use a Fresh flower for this craft and only the ones which are already dying. I feel like im giving a new purpose for these already dying flowers.

IMG 6503 scaled
Texture Art

One of my recent favorite art form. Stay tuned as I have some amazing experiments on texture art coming soon.

Arabic Calligraphy Art

I did very few of this kind of art. But not going to stop there.. Since I didn't even start it yet..

IMG 0874 scaled
Clay Craft

Im an absolute newbie at this one and its a totally unplanned craft which i tried with my little one while playing with her and surprisingly; I fell in love with it.. & converted my first few charms to a fridge magnet.. Definitely have to try more of it..

& Many More To Go . . .

That’s Me… Weird Right …. To find someone trying so so sooo many kinds of craft and not sticking on to a few… 

” WHY SHOULD I !!! “

Art and Craft is my passion… I love every single bit about the whole process in discovering and learning a new artform every now and then. From finding about a new craft -Learning more about it – Find the courage and Believing in my self to try that out – Hunting the right dealers and vendors selling the supplies – Sourcing the raw materials & Finally trying out the new Craft & Admiring my own project once its completed.

Who doesn’t fall in love with all these processes.

” Isn’t life too short to just stick on to just few stuffs in life. . . I want to just get out there and learn new things as much as I can in this whole lifetime . . . “

In Our Shop Section you will find my works in stock & Available for you to purchase if you liked them – All Designed & Created By Myself From Scratch.


Note For Art Collectors..

I don’t make repeats of my certain projects – As I like to keep them Unique & One Of Its Kind.

I do accept custom orders.. When of-course the clients gives me total freedom to create something for them.. Sorry – I panic otherwise … and Creating is something I do with pure love and joy and I cannot allow myself to any stress during that process.

Please do not contact me for custom orders of other artists Original Works – I only follow my own personal style while creating. You can surely send me reference images – But not projects where im required to copy another artists hardwork.

Currently We are shipping throughout UAE through our website. If you wish to purchase from any other country, contact us directly via email or on our Whatsapp Number :- +971 5858 74189 and we will get back to you with the delivery charges to your Country.


My Creative Trials...

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