Mer Macrame Wall Hanging

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Mer Macrame Wall Hanging

Shade – Aquamarine


Main Body -22 cm x 54 cm

Rod length – 29 cm

Material – Natural Wood Rod, 100% Cotton Macrame Cord, Wood Beads

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Mer is a term inspired from the French Language Meaning “Sea” !!!! This piece reminds me of sea shells for some reason & Hence The Name !!!!

“Mer,” Macrame Wall Decor, draws inspiration from the enchanting world of sea shells to bring a touch of coastal serenity to your space. Crafted in a mesmerizing aquamarine shade, this piece embodies the calm and refreshing tones of ocean waves, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The intricate pattern mirrors the elegance of sea shells, adding a visually engaging design that captures the essence of the sea. What makes “Mer” truly exceptional is its customization options – you have the freedom to choose any shade that resonates with your style, allowing this macrame wall decor to adapt seamlessly to your unique color preferences. Whether you prefer subtle pastels or bold statement hues, “Mer” is a canvas waiting for your personal touch.

Hang “Mer” in your living room, bedroom, or any space that craves a touch of coastal elegance. The aquamarine shade serves as a versatile backdrop, allowing your chosen customization to take center stage. Crafted with precision, this macrame wall decor not only adds a timeless aesthetic to your interior but also boasts durability that ensures a lasting impact.


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Special Gift Wrapping Available On Request.


Weight 1000 g


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